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Wednesday, January 1, 2014

An Alert About The Latest Scam That's Growing In Our Area

Hi Everyone, LOL Today Again I Got An Email From Someone Selling An Auto Captcha Software. Almost Every Auto Captcha Software Is Fake And  Everyone Is Trying To Make Money Selling Fake Auto Captcha Software. As I Already Described In My Last Article Auto Captcha Api Reader Scammed - Don't Investment With Auto Captcha API Reader
When I First Got An Email About Auto Captcha Software I Was Amazed And Thought I Am Going To Be Rich, I Have Buy Every Auto Captcha Software But None Of Them Worked. All My Earning Wasted And All My Id's And Admin Panels Got Banned I Was Pushed Back To Start From The Beginning.

  • Here I Am Talking About Kolo Cheat Auto Captcha Software

Please Beware KOLO CHEAT Auto Captcha IS A FAKE Software, IT WILL BAN YOUR ID'S. This Software Is The Biggest Scam In Online Captcha Work, Almost Everyone Buy This Software. This Software Automatically Types Captchas, Means Garbage Captchas, No Matter What Is Written In The Captcha Image. This Software Will Type Some Letters Which Are Already Inserted In It. This Software Types All Incorrect Captchas And All Id's Will Get Banned. I Am Amazed That Now Also People Are Buying This Fake Software.

So If You Use Some Kind Of Such Software, Remember That It Will Ban All Your Id's And Panels And You Will Be Cheated, There Is No Real Software That Can Recognize Any Captcha, Even Human Cannot Recognize Any Kind Of Captchas! So, Don't Be A Fool, Don't Believe Any "Proofs" Or Videos, Nothing Can 100% Recognize Captcha Besides Human Factor! KOLO AUTO Does Something Different, It Generates Random Text And Sends It Really Fast To Server, So The Server Recognizes It As Correct Input. BUT! When Admin Come To Check Your Entries, He Will Immediately Ban All Your Id's, You Won’t Get Any Payment!

So Be Warned, There Is No Automatic Captcha Software! Softwares Like: Kolo Auto, Auto Sending Captcha, Scanning Software, Auto Captcha Typer, Captcha Solver And Many Others Are All Scam Software! Don't Buy Or Sell/Resell Such Software!

So, I  Request To All My Blog Readers Please Don't Buy Kolo Cheat Auto Captcha Software, It's SCAM!

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